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Tips for choosing a good work chair

Oct. 28, 2021 | 03:42:35

Why is a good office chair important?

In addition to reducing back pressure, there are many benefits to having a good office chair. A good office chair can prevent the fatigue and discomfort caused by sitting in the same chair for a 

long time.

Studies have shown that employees sitting in comfortable chairs are more productive than those sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Finally, having the right, comfortable office chairs can reduce breaks employees need due to discomfort.

Comfortable Fabric Office Staff Chair


Things to consider when purchasing an office chair

▷ The backrest should be adjustable to the shape of the spine. It should also support the curve of the lower back.

▷ Feet should rest comfortably flat on the floor. If not, adjust the height of the chair or add a footrest.

▷ The armrests should be close to the body and allow the shoulders to relax.

▷ The arm height should be adjustable and match the table height. This will prevent shoulder strain.

▷ The center of the computer screen should be visible when looking forward in the sitting position.

▷ The back of the chair should be located in the middle of the shoulder blades to provide adequate support, and above the shoulders is better.

▷ The seat of the chair should be long enough to place two to three fingers between it and the knee.

▷ The fabric should be breathable to prevent the chair from becoming hot and uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting.

▷ The cushion should be memory foam. Other cushions wear out quickly and make the chair uncomfortable.


Finding the right chair that is comfortable without tension and injury is important for having happy, healthy, productive employees who don't get sick from back injuries.

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