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Spring Maintenance of Office Furniture

Jul. 29, 2021 | 03:31:31

Your skin needs to be maintained, and office furniture also needs to be maintained. Do you care for your office furniture like you care for your skin? Doing a good job in the maintenance of office furniture can not only provide you with a healthy and pleasant office environment, but also extend the service life of office furniture. As a Leather Office Work Chair Wholesale, share with you.

So, how will office furniture be affected, and how to properly maintain office furniture?

Meeting Room Reporter Office Chair

Meeting Room Reporter Office Chair

Light influence

It’s best not to place office furniture in direct sunlight. In spring, the sun’s light gradually becomes stronger. Frequent sunlight will fade the paint film of the furniture and cause fine cracks on the surface of the furniture or cause it to fade, blacken, or peel off the paint. , The material is cracked and deformed.

Temperature effect

With changes in temperature and relative humidity throughout the year, wood and leather are porous, just like skin. At this time, attention should be paid to maintain air circulation and do not place furniture in a dark, humid, wet, or sultry, dry environment. . The temperature is between 18-24 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is between 35-40%.

Dust influence

Panel office furniture should be scrubbed frequently to prevent bacteria from breeding. But as far as possible, the panel office furniture should be washed with clean water as little as possible, and acid-alkaline cleaners should not be used. Just wipe lightly with a damp cloth, and then wipe with a dry cloth to remove the remaining water.

Humidity influence

In spring, the air humidity will increase. It is recommended to use as little water as possible to clean the furniture at ordinary times, and avoid using alkaline water. It is only advisable to wipe with a damp cloth that has been squeezed out of water, then dry with a paper towel, and finally wipe it off with old newspapers.

Different spring maintenance in north and south

The southern climate is humid

Opening windows at the right time can prevent office furniture from deforming due to moisture. You must also pay attention to timing when opening windows. Sunshine noon is the best time. In the morning and evening, the humidity is heavy, so it is not suitable to open the window.

Dry northern air

For example, put a few water containers next to office furniture, or plant more green plants to increase humidity, which is both beautiful and practical.

The breathing and maintenance of office furniture is very important, especially when the seasons change, pay attention to the circulation of air, let the office furniture and our bodies have a good breath

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