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What Should I Pay Attention to in the Daily Cleaning of Office Chairs?

Mar. 15, 2021 | 12:00:00

As a Leather Office Work Chair Wholesale, share with you.

One: First of all, of course, we must understand the material of the office chair. However, the legs of general office chairs are mainly made of solid wood and iron. The stool surface is made of leather or fabric. The cleaning methods of chairs of different materials are different when cleaning.

Leather Office Visitor Chair

Leather Office Visitor Chair

Two: If it is a leather art office chair, it is best to try it in an inconspicuous position when using the leather art cleaner to see if it fades. If there is fading, dilute it with water; if it is particularly dirty, use lukewarm water and let it dry naturally.

Three: The solid wood office chair legs can be wiped directly with a dry cloth, and then some detergent, do not wipe with a cloth that is too damp, and then exposed to dry, which will accelerate the internal decay of the solid wood.

Four: The general cleaning method of fabric stool is to spray detergent and wipe gently. If it is particularly dirty, it can be cleaned with warm water and detergent. Don't just rub it with a brush, in that case the fabric will easily look very old.

How to choose a comfortable office chair:

1. The desk and chair should be firm and stable as a whole, and the desktop should be as wide as possible. A firm desktop can put the computer on the desktop safely and stably. General office desks and chairs are of frame structure. Although the frame structure of office desks and chairs is cheap but not strong, you should try to lean the computer on other large and solid furniture to ensure stability. If necessary, add a few more nails. . The computer case, speakers, mouse, file holder, external MIODEM, printer, scanner, etc. must be placed on the desktop. In order to ensure that a certain space is left around the computer to ensure good ventilation, there should be enough desk surface Large space.

2. Office desks and chairs should be made of exquisite materials, novel in design, and reasonable in layout. Office desks and chairs should be made of materials with good texture and wear resistance. The design of the office desk and chair is also very heavy.

Get used to the needs of good health.

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