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What is An E-Sports Hotel?

May. 20, 2021 | 10:50:24

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1. What is an e-sports hotel?

E-sports hotel decoration is a new type of hotel based on e-sports games. E-sports hotel combines "hotel" and "e-sports". It is a combination of Internet cafe and hotel, but the main part is still hotel. E-sports hotels are loved by the majority of young people. E-sports hotels not only provide consumers with a high-quality e-sports experience comparable to Internet cafes, but also provide customers with a comfortable accommodation experience. For the hotel industry, this is a new vertical market segment, while for e-sports, the industry chain is constantly deepening.

Custom Gaming Chair

Custom Gaming Chair

2. Development prospects of e-sports hotels

The State Sports General Administration has re-approved e-sports as the 78th official sports competition. Some colleges and universities have set up e-sports professional courses. E-sports games are gradually becoming professional and professional, and e-sports hotels provide a better way for young people. A superior and more comfortable experience environment for e-sports games guides players to enjoy e-sports games healthily.

General Internet cafes cannot provide consumers with an independent and comfortable environment. E-sports hotels combine Internet cafes with hotels. Colleagues make up for the shortcomings of Internet cafes and hotels, greatly increasing the passenger flow of e-sports hotels and extending the number of players. Consumption time.

Traditional Internet cafes have been hit by the epidemic to varying degrees. A large number of Internet cafes with poor operating conditions are on the verge of bankruptcy in the face of two months of no operating income and only cost expenditures, and e-sports hotels are exactly what the Internet cafes do. At the turning point, the transformation of Internet cafes to e-sports hotels has brought new opportunities for Internet cafes.

From the above perspectives, whether it is a new e-sports hotel or an Internet cafe transforming to an e-sports hotel, it is a good choice, and the future is bright.

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